Clutter is more than just the piles of paper lying around your living space. It is anything in your life that you don’t want to be there. It makes you uncomfortable. It gets in your way. It frustrates you. It isn’t easy to get rid of because at one point, it meant something to you, or means you have to change something about your life. It stands between you and the life you want. It’s time to get rid of it. Welcome to the Kicking the Clutter series.

This series is going to be dedicated to all of the things we need to do to get our lives to where we want them to be. I don’t know everything, and believe me, I have ways that I need to improve. For those topics, I will welcome outside guests to share suggestions on what to do if we have THOSE issues. I’ll also ask you to join me in sharing the ways that YOU have resolved the given issue that each post is about. If you’ve found a way to exorcise a demon out of your life, you’ve got to hook us up with how! Leave a comment, start a conversation, and lets get our lives in gear, people, shall we?! Here are some of the topics coming your way in this series:

I will cover topics involving organization within the home. There are a few things that I know about, and this is one of them. I’ll talk about digital clutter and why its important to eliminate. I am a ::cough:: bit of a geek and can give you the goods on that topic too. Want to know how to get your body clutter gone? I’m talking about those extra lbs that you’ve been toting around. The junk in your trunk. Why are we weighing ourselves down?! Lets unite and take back our lives by Kicking the Clutter to the Curb!

40 bags in 40 days for Lent

In honor of Lent, lets start this off with 40 days of purging. It’s the 40 bags in 40 days challenge, and it’s back baby! It only takes 15 minutes to do each day, but makes a TON of difference. 15 min x 40 = 10 HOURS of decluttering in 40 days! 40 bags. 40 days. Go.