I know I’ve been talking about this tons and tons, but PLEASE back up all of your files! PLEASE! I was very lucky this time around. Though I was not as stringent on backing up my files in general, I did stick to my process for photography. I take the photos, then in one big batch I take everything off all of my cards onto my desktop, process them, upload them to the photo site that my family uses, and then file them away in my computer. Well, this time this process saved my butt. My Christmas photos were all on my camera cards. No problem. All of my photos prior to October 14th were on my external hard drive. Again, no problem. But, upon reconstituting all of my files, I realized all of the photos of the DAYS SURROUNDING THE BIRTH OF MY SON were in the space between backed up internal hard drive and deleted off of my camera cards! My heart sank and tears welled in my eyes. Not replaceable in the least, and one of the biggest moments of my life. I thought I lost all of the pictures of our birth, NICU, coming home, Girl Meets Boy, and all of that… but no! I was a control freak was consistent, and therefore HAD uploaded my photos to the family photo site! PHEW! Now all I have to do, if I even want to, is download them back from the photo site to be backed up onto my external hard drive. Always double backup anything that is important to you. This proved how important that was for me. It makes me realize that when my external hard drive program (Norton Ghost) says “would you like to back up now?” the answer is ALWAYS “YES”!

One of the irreplaceable photos (me holding my son’s hand in the NICU) saved because, by habit, I uploaded it to an offsite location.