Operation Functional Utility Room

To establish a work area on top of the washer and dryer, and to free up space for a standing drying rack for my cloth diapering/clothing needs.


  1. I don’t want to spend the money to build a custom piece because I am military and it most likely won’t move well or fit in the next house.
  2. I don’t have the capability of woodworking to this detail here.
  3. If I buy another basket, my husband may lose his mind. “Hi, I’m Kate and I’m a basket/bin-a-holic. I have been sober for 4 months now.”
  4. Buying the expensive Whirlpool table top option to put above them ($250!?), or the platforms to put below them ($199?!) was out of the question both ethically and budget wise. $650? I don’t think so.

The Solution/Result:

We have this huge table that has many identities in our relationship. It’s been a craft table, a desk, and most recently, a folding table placed in our utility room beside our washer and dryer. While this served a great purpose, and seemed genius at first, we put our litter box underneath it. That was when it became a place where I didn’t want to put my feet, which negated its intelligence. Then, when we got the Cat Genie (best cat related purchase EVER barring the cats themselves), I whacked my head on it each week as I vacuumed up all of the pellets that were tracked out around it to return them to the basin.  Today, I was standing there looking into the room when I said, “You idiot! The table is just slightly deeper than the wash/dryer! Move the top over and you’ll solve all your issues!”. I got in there, and removed the table from its legs. The top weighs about 50 lbs, so there may have been some cussing. I moved the legs into storage, and leaned the top against the w/d units. Then I put some ShamWows I had lying around on top of my w/d units to rescue them from being scratched by the leg-slides that this industrial table that we stole from the AFB graveyard has underneath it.  I heaved the goliath up on there and wha’la! She was done! I moved the Genie over to be beside the w/d, and then I moved the stools that we were storing in the garage into the room.  I love it!  Just enough room to move around, easier to clean, and  room to use my racks without incident! The table is heavy enough that it won’t fall off, so I don’t have to worry about that. It’s wedged under the shelf struts too, so it won’t move if tugged on. I tried and it held my hippo body when I pushed down on it. Woo hoo! My house is more user-friendly, I saved $650, and I made more clear space in my house. Take that Whirlpool and Pinterest! 🙂

Operation Functional Utility Room!

Note: I did have one *FAIL* on this project. When the top is square on the top of the units, I can’t put any detergent in the drawer for the washer. SO – I slid it over toward the door just enough to clear my way to the drawer. The plus to this fail? The basket with the Dustbuster in it can fit on this space exactly! Now I get my whole table top as work space. Don’t you love my colorful diapers for Boy?! I do! Woohoo for BumGenius, Fuzzibunz, and Flips!

Actual Post Date: June 6, 2011