Here is an easy twist on an old favorite. Everyone has had meat sauce: browned hamburger with red spaghetti sauce. Instead, tonight I switched it up and made it with turkey! I defrosted a pound of turkey cutlets and then cooked them in the George Foreman (went a lot faster than I thought it would). Then I hand shredded it all into a pan filled with a jar of Prego Fresh Mushroom sauce. I served it over a bed of Bertolli bagged tortellini. I made two bags of the tortellini so that I could feed my family of three (Boy is on formula only) with leftovers for lunch tomorrow. It took me less time and mess than the hamburger, and probably is better for us! It was super tasty too.

Anyone have a sauce that is both great, quick, and easy? Hook us up with a comment!

Actual Post Date: March 10, 2011