In case you haven’t heard, Pinterest is kind of a big deal. It is an online resource for inspiration and information of all types. It is a virtual inspiration pinboard for you to collect links to sites that you want to use later for creative or do-it-yourself purposes. Your ideas can be sorted into self-titled boards that organize your pins in whichever way works best for you. You can make boards for a given project, event, or general inspiration. You can search for something specific, or peruse around the generally categorized boards of popular pins provided by the Pinterest gods. You can share ideas with your friends/family/strangers by “following” their boards and re-pinning their ideas (over 80% of pins are re-pins), and allow them to do the same to yours. You can pin something from online using a plug-in for your browser, or even take photos of something you see out in the world to post as a pin, to collect your thoughts. I have been a member of this site for a little over two years, and I am completely addicted. Every night before I go to sleep, I look at Pinterest to see if there is something I could do, or that inspires me.

Often, when I pin things, I wonder if my pinspiration would actually end up working out. Would that recipe be as tasty as it looks? Can you actually make THAT out of three paper clips and some gum?! Well, I am here to tell you: SOME of the pins I’ve done, have ROCKED. They really made my life easier, and seriously made my life better. Others, not so much. I am going to be posting when I follow through on a PINspiration to share my success or failure, just so that I can save or inspire you with the same information! I will always give credit to the original pin. If you would like to join me, I am HAPPY to include guest posts! Please email me a photo of your adventure in pinning, and a description of your experience, along with the link to the original pin, and I’ll give you credit!! It will be like weeding in the pin-garden! 🙂