Each time we move, I attempt to create a space using the items from the previous location. I do this to ease the transition from one location to another, and to save money (in lieu of buying new). Our Oklahoma house includes the monster bath that we used to have in our Washington house, but with a few new twists. Want a peek? Here it is!

Our tour begins at the doorway where you are greeted by our long cabinet, mirror, and overhead lighting. Then you get an eye-full of color! We used bold basic colors to create a playful-yet-unisex feel for this room. Since we have both a boy and a girl, I didn’t want this room to lean in either direction.  If you look on the counter, you will see the monster cup that came with the towels (also in this shot), the shower curtain (see below), shower curtain hooks (below), and trash can (not pictured). All of them came in a big set from Target 2 years ago. If you look directly on the mirror, you will see the toothbrush holders (ladybug and dog) that keep their brushes off the counter. I don’t know about your kids, but mine LOVE their brushes. They just aren’t sure they are ONLY for their mouths. This makes me nauseous. These inexpensive holders slow them down just enough to help me keep the brushes from being used for extracurricular toothbrush activities (toilet bowl swimming, anyone?!).

Hubs and I are big on the matchy-matchy, but I’m starting to lean toward the one-of-a-kind-contrasty-match items. These prints are Kate originals. Since everything else in the bathroom was in the colorful monster theme, I designed three new monsters to  hang in a frame that I already owned. If you are interested in these for a “don’t be scary” theme in your bathroom, or your classroom, feel free to print them out for yourself! (get the files here).

For another one-of-a-kind touch, I put the button-letters from the playroom (that I talked about in this post) on the wall over the toilet. When you move as much as we do, your decor must be adaptable.  These look just as cute in here as in a playroom, and since we already owned them, they were free this time around! For those on pinterest, they were inspired by this pin.

While we are talking about pinning, does anyone recognize the ones I used in the kids’ bathtub? Yep! It is the second-shower-rod-hanging-up-stuff trick from this pin and this one!  While we are talking about it, though, I added using $1 lingerie laundry mesh bags on the hooks for keeping the toys dry, and a gardening mat for kneeling (from Target’s dollar spot) for protecting parental knees! I did that all on my own! We have a frog Boon bath organizer (like the ladybug) for Boy that he will get on his 2nd birthday next week. Until then, it’s just hers up there.


Oh, and in the interest of keeping it real, Here are some photos of my organization. I can’t claim to be “organized” or “decluttered” without proving it, now can I?! Under my sink, you will find NOTHING. Just a lone oatmeal container turned extra-toilet-paper holder (pinspired by this pin), and three potties that are waiting for Boy to decide its time to train.

In the kids’ linen closet (this amazeballs house comes with two linen closets!), we keep our laundry baskets, towels (bath and swimming), bathing supplies, and extra blankets. In honesty, I didn’t even touch the stuff in this closet before I took the photos. I will admit to wiping down the mirror, and putting up the bath toys, before putting my bathroom on “film”.  There is keeping it real, and there is respect for your audience. :).