When we were decorating my daughter’s room in Oklahoma after our move from Washington, I decided to incorporate several of the characteristics of her previous room. The twin-size ladybug blanket would no longer work, as she was upgraded to a full size. I purchased the same blanket in the larger size, because both she and I loved it that much. Then the canopy went up, but this time it was against the wall to prevent pulling it down on herself (which she did several times in WA). The pom-poms would be repeated, but I decided to put up three separate bunches as opposed to the one giant bouquet, and to use smaller paper to make smaller flowers. I went to the store, and I saw these polka dotted party napkins, and thought “those might work!”. Those were cheaper than their tissue paper counterparts, and already spotted, so away we went. I hit Pinterest and came up with several pins (see below the image) that came together to pinspire these pom-poms!

pom-pom napkins


My own (from Girl’s room in WA)
DIY Tissue Paper Flowers
This was once a pin, but now is just a link to where the pin once pointed.
Styleberry Blog’s post on DIY Poms

If you’ve done a pin from Pinterest and want to share with the group, email me the following: 1) A photo of YOUR finished product. 2) A link to the original pin that PINspired you. 3) A review of how it turned out, and whether or not you would replicate it. I will be proud to give you credit as a guest post. Hook us up with the good, and warn us away from the not-so great pins!