Just over a year ago, when I was about to have my son, my friend Melissa showed up at my door with two blankets that she made for my kids. Each were made with the given child in mind. Girl’s was ladybug themed. It had two layers of quality fleece (green and ladybugs), and her initials were sewn into the corner. Boy’s was giraffe themed, as is our nursery. She brought them without any fanfare. She just wanted to commemorate the birth, and give Girl something to help transition her into big sisterhood. I never forgot this generosity or thoughtfulness.

A year later, it is Melissa whom is about to have a baby. Her little girl will enter the world in the coming month, and I knew just what I wanted to do for her family. I took Melissa out shopping this past Saturday, and purchased 10 skeins of thick acrylic yarn in cream and violet. While I can sew, my knitting skills are stronger.  I bought size 17 US knitting needles (read: really big – for those who don’t knit), and got to work. By today, I was done. Here is what I made:


This project took four skeins of the thick yarn. I simply knitted two rows, then pearled two rows, for several rotations, then for seven stripes alternated three knit to three pearl, then returned to the two/two pattern.  The larger stripes made the bottom of the sack. I took my long afghan like product and folded it in half. Then, I took satin blanket binding and laced up the sides, ending in a large bow a few rows prior to the end of the knitting (see below).  The idea for this sack is to keep the baby warm in its swaddle during the coming cold months. The back flap can remain up underneath the baby’s head (see below), while the other tucks down on its belly. This will surround the baby with warmth. I cinched mine at the top by lacing the top of the ribbon around stitches further into the blanket and pulling them tight to make the bow. When the baby gets larger, the sack can be unlaced and the thin-width afghan can be used as a blankey-lovey.

I made her oldest a purple and creme striped afghan (straight knit stitch throughout). It is very simple, but I think very pretty. She will be able to use this blanket for years, if she so desires. I like that it matches her sister’s blanket, because that helps the two bond without competing (at least for the first little bit, right?!). The eldest daughter’s name (Violette) inspired the color choice.

The best part? Both of these are machine washable! The acrylic yarn is soft (even softer than some of my felting yarn!) and snuggly. I’m so excited about these blankets that I have a line-up of people that I love that (spoiler alert!) I want to make them for as gifts too!

Not bad for two days of spare time, huh?!