Bragging Writes Header

When my friend Jenna contacted me for a logo for her custom birth statistic print design company, I was super excited. She wanted to have something that complimented her art. That meant bold colors, but with a classic or vintage-ish feel. She didn’t want it to necessarily look childish, but it had to speak to the relationship between parents and their children. As her site name ( suggests, this was to be a blog attracting parents who want to scream to the world, this is my kid, and I think they are awesome!

First we tried a design that included an ultrasound with headphones on rocking out in the womb before his “big entrance”. We loved it, but it didn’t pass the public testing. People didn’t “get it”, and my husband said it looked like the baby was in distress. Not good. So we went back to the drawing board.

A baby with sunglasses came across the drawing board, but we decided that it didn’t match the feel of her art to have just a baby. This is the relationship between parent and child that is expressed, rather than just a baby announcement. Finally, I said “lets go with animals instead”. Elephants always remember, right? So this is something we don’t want people to forget! I drew two elephants in parade, with the mama proudly announcing her baby to the world with a raised trunk, and the baby holding onto her tail. Jenna loved it, and so did everyone else!

We paired our pair of elephants with both a sketch (bragging) and a smooth (writes) font to create a fun yet sophisticated logo title, and used colors hand selected by Miss Jenna herself.

Finally, I created a background of teal with blue polka dots. This way, pink and blue both appeared in the design (It IS about a baby in the end, right?!), without becoming overwhelmingly “baby”. It finished off the modern feel of the site, as did a few tweeks to the custom css coding of her site’s theme (Pink Touch2 by Automattic) that I made to make it look both custom and polished.

I’m so glad Jenna contacted me. It was a lot of fun creating a site with her, and I hope to work with her again soon.

If you are looking for an adorable yet modern memory print of your child’s birth statistics, visit Jenna’s Site.

If you like what I did here, and have an idea for a site or graphic you’d like me to help you make into a reality, please visit to request a free estimate.