When my friend Nicole’s National Tour of In The Heights was ending, she knew she wanted a very special gift for her fellow cast-and-crew members. She contacted me to see if I could make a vintage postcard of the likes of this famous one from New York City, since their play was set there. I went ahead and created the text for the card, then thought about where I could add in the background or images of the set that she provided to me. I tried behind the letters, as they are in the original, but there are too many characters in Washington Heights, and it simply made a mess. We decided that it was better to put it in the background. I then went to the official tour website to look for inspiration. I took the color overlay scheme from the site and recreated it with the image of the set instead of the image of the Brooklyn Bridge that is used online. Wha’la! She was done! It only took us a few days, but they came out beautifully, and delivered in time for Nicole to give them out after the last show this past weekend. Congratulations to the cast and crew on a tour well performed, and to Nicole for her creative gift idea! Thank you for including me in the process!

Design Submitted:

Front Printed (photo provided by client):
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