Stop and think about your life. The things you own. The time you spend. Do you know where it all goes? Getting organized can be overwhelming. Figure out what space and time you have available and then fill it with the things in life that you feel are a priority. Don’t fall into the trap of using “the right” solution to “your problem”. It’s your life. Live it on purpose, and fill it with things you love, can afford to maintain, and mean something to you.

get organized

This is my antique liquor box financial filing system for my family and business. I love organization because I am a scatterbrain. I have learned that I am all over the place within my mind, so getting organized in my world helps me to know where to access my resources when they are needed without too much trouble. Recently, my project has been reducing the things I own and maintain to only those things that are beautiful and functional to my way of life. I used to try to keep EVERYTHING, but then realized that this didn’t do me or anyone else any good. I used to buy organization solutions from box stores. Now I look at antique stores. I don’t love looking at Rubbermaid bins inside my home, but they work great outside in the garage or storage unit. Inside, I like using antique boxes and glass to store things. I like my fancy folders, even though I am the only one that ever sees them. This is, after all, my system. So why shouldn’t it make me smile?!

My wishes for my kids are the following:
– To discern what your issues are in life, and find your own solutions, rather than listening to the media hype and choosing their way.
– To keep track of your time and resources make sure they are being used to best support your goals.
– To not feel the need to own everything everyone says you may need someday, but to have meaningful and purposeful items to surround them, make their lives easier, and make them happy.
– To know themselves well enough to create solutions that support their weaknesses and turn their strategies into their strengths.