When people take maternity photographs, they want to capture more than just a snapshot. They want to freeze a moment in their lives to remember and to celebrate that experience. Often these pictures have standard poses and beautiful backdrops. I have my maternity photos of that kind, but I also have the ones my photographer took of me in my daughter’s nursery getting ready for her arrival. I have the ones another photographer took of me taking a walk with my husband and Girl before Boy arrived. In some ways, these are more precious to me than the other kind. They keep it real. They remind me that I survived and made the best of the situation I was faced with at the time. They make me proud. They make me feel strong. They make me laugh.

When my friend Abby asked me to take her maternity photographs for her, I was seriously nervous. I LOVE my photos, and I know how important they can become. I did not want to disappoint her. I did a bunch of online research, but the best idea came from the subject herself. Abby told me that she had her husband buy ice cream and pickles and she wanted a picture with her cravings. Great idea!!!

celebrate pregnancy

The photo above was the result of Abby’s vision. As soon as she said ice cream, I knew that she had to do the savoring the spoon thing she is doing in the photo. Then I made her do the crossies with her feet, as if to celebrate the goodness of her mint chocolate chip. Doesn’t this photo just scream all of the good things about pregnancy?! I love it. Cravings, eating for two, growing to show, and then until you’re off balance… All of these things can be viewed negatively. They can be made to be something ugly by some women. There is plenty about pregnancy that is unpleasant, but there are also great things. These things can be viewed as opportunities instead, and then if the woman can adjust their perspective to see them, there is a lot of good to celebrate. Come on, when else can you have pickles, ice cream, Dr. Pepper, and sit in bed without guilt?! Seriously. I love how this turned out. It didn’t hurt that Abby is beautiful and that her home is gorgeous either :).

I love that Abby let it be a fun part of her life. This is a great picture, that I hope she enjoys as much as I do. It shows the ability to recognize the positive and adjust one’s plans as life requires. Great idea, Abby! Congratulations on your pregnancy. I wish I could be here to celebrate EC’s arrival with you, but know you’ll have a fan club in Oklahoma cheering you on!

Oh, don’t worry, I did also take the more artistic shots for Abby. We all do love those, and I didn’t want her to miss out. We started our shoot at a local nature preserve that offered great puffy-cloud skies, greenery, and even a barn for textured background shots. She wore her wedding shoes and her post-reception dress. I was impressed she still fit, and felt bad for making her walk in her pumps, but the photographs turned out well. Here is a sneak peek at one of the images we created:

celebrate pregnancy