Old products were made better (in many cases), and the packaging had reusability. I sometimes wish that current vendors would follow suit, but it isn’t to be in this economy.  Anyhow, during my husband’s recent deployment I took up a new hobby: going to antique stores. I needed a couple of organizational objects, but didn’t want to just get the same old thing everyone else has. I wanted to have something original, or different, that showed my style! Off I went. I found the following vintage items (that Hubs calls “old stuff”) that work great in my house, will have endless opportunities for reusability, and make me smile to look at them. In just about every case, I also saved money when I bought these in lieu of their more contemporary counter parts! I count it as conservation, organization, cleaning, and financial responsibility! Woo too!!!

We store our cat food, and its scoop, in this new-tique glass jar with a lid! Cost? $15, but it gives us the room in our closet and is prettier to look at than the old grey box thing I had!


Six mason jars (new) purchased from the commissary for under $8 store all of Girl’s art supplies (I know there are only 5 here, one is in my office with magnets in it – see the last picture). She can see what she wants to get, and I can reuse them for millions of things once we are done with them. Take THAT!


Two penny candy jars ($6 each new) hold my kid’s silverware on the counter. I like these because they are easy to move, and easy on the eyes. I also like my drawer space that I regained!


An old Arm and Hammer box serves to hold all of my cookbooks, a mason jar with my dishwasher tabs in it, and my recipe books. Cost? $20. I love looking at this thing! I also like how it looks from the other side of my window that’s visible from the street!


Soda crates ($10 per) are throughout my kitchen now. The 7up holds my fruit, while the Coke is perfect for bottles because it still has the original cube sections for bottles! WIN!


This Pepsi box (sitting on my landlord’s awkward shelf that they left behind that we aren’t allowed to remove) holding my glasses and pitcher that I hardly ever use. I get the cabinet space back, and with the tray I can easily bring them down!


This is a new-tique (fake antique) I bought from Anthropologie. It’s not old, but has vintage style and it makes me smile!


We have a red-white-and-blue living room. When I saw this beautiful tray “Betsy Ross Bread” with dovetailed corners, ummm hello?! No brainer. This one was only $15, and it doubles as a block from the kids playing with the lift-top coffee table hardware!


These old mason jars ($4 per with lids) keep my kiddo from stealing my desk supplies! They are beautiful, and I especially love the one that’s green-toned. Love!

I love the idea that I repurposed old items into something new. I also like that I know there are millions of other uses for each item. Each was inexpensive, and each makes me smile. I call that a win!