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In Other’s Words

As an avid reader, I come across lots of content that is just so well said, or makes me laugh so hard, that I want to share that with others. Their source will always be recognized. If you find a meme or a quote out there that truly resonates, send it on over and I will include it for the village to share.

Lessons I Recently Learned From My 2 Year Old

1. If you want to take a swim in the pool, but can't get to the Y, it is entirely possible to do a cannonball in the bathtub. It is also possible to spread a splash of water across the entire bathroom. 2. Using the potty is vastly more [...]

Suggested Blogs

While looking around online during my spare time (read: while I was sick, WH let me borrow his iPad out of pity), I followed the links on some of my favorite blogs to some of THEIRS.  I found several blogs that have inspirational and instructional content for crafters/DIYers. I [...]

WickedGirl on Quack Quack and Football

Quack Quack Story: One morning this week, WickedHubby decided to let me sleep in until 9. This was a huge help since I was hugely pregnant. I was groggily opening my eyes when I heard the following exchange: Hubby: WG, I am going to run to the potty. Be [...]


I don't know where this one came from. It was an instant messenger away message while I was in school that I copied from a guy named Jon Scofield. If you know, let me know. I would like to give them credit! Taken 5/9/2009 [...]

Quotes from a Mother

Quotes from a Mother by Cynthia Copeland Lewis If you're going to fight, use pillows. A little kiss can make a big difference. If you want a kitten, ask for a horse. Picking your nose when nobody is looking, is still picking your nose. Hug people for no reason. Wave [...]

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