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Motivation & Goals

Nothing worth doing is easy. The road to your goal may be windy, bumpy, and have rollercoaster-style dips in it, but it is worth traveling. Where do you want to go? Let’s get there together.

Keeping It Real

I am not perfect. Wow. I am glad I got that one out there. I do not have all of my loads of laundry washed. My house isn't perfectly clean, decorated, and tidy. My language can be bad, my hair is often a mess, and most of the time [...]

My Resolutions

Last year when I wrote my resolutions for the year 2010, I had no idea what was going to come my way. I just had arrived in Washington the month before, and had gone through a miscarriage beginning on December 26th. I had no idea what was coming my [...]

Perfect Blog Lady

I received this link from a friend. It connects to a woman's blog that talks about how she compares herself to other bloggers and becomes overwhelmed. Amen sister! I couldn't have said it better than she did!!! It looks longer than it reads. Take the time to read to [...]

Does your stuff stress or secure

I was watching Girl walk around the house dragging four or five toys that she deemed super important to have with her and I got to thinking. I know for her these items (generally speaking a doll named "baby", a matchbox car, a small ball, and 2 rotating randoms) [...]

The Ice Cream Rule

I was looking around online this week and I found an article that put some perspective on preventing clutter in your house. It described the "ice cream rule" as the treatment of all of your belongings as ice cream. You wouldn't ever come home from the food store and [...]

A New Normal

So often when life hands us a big change (new school, new job, moving, pregnancy, babies, deaths... etc) we have trouble adjusting and think "when will my life get back to normal?!" The answer, I am finding, is NEVER. Your life will literally never be the same after these [...]

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