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Creative & Pinteresting

If it’s crafty, artsy, design-related, day-dreamy, storytelling, photography, or otherwise makes my life easier through innovation, then you will find it here.


"What's the Aperture on that lens you have there?" a smarty pants guest at a party I was photographing asked me. I was so new that I was unsure of how to answer. I knew the f/stops it could achieve. I knew the mm distance it could focus best. What [...]

point of focus

If you don't have time to sit and read your entire manual through from cover to cover, here is a topic to look for in the index and single out: how do you set your camera's focus point? If you leave your camera in the "auto mode" all of the [...]

Taking Pictures Series • Reading Material

As far as taking pictures, before you learn anything else there are two books you should read: 1) The manual for your camera. Regardless of the camera that you own, you need to know what it can do. You need to understand what the settings do for you. You need [...]

The Mountain Is Out

When you live in Washington, you learn that a volcano can hide. Mt. Rainier, a dormant volcano that towers over western Washington, often hides behind clouds, fog, or a wall of rain. You can easily forget that its there for a week at a time, and sometimes an entire [...]

posted values

Our playroom wall. I was pinspired this week by this pinterest entry to create and post a graphic listing our family values. While no list can ever be complete, I like how mine came out. I made each of the four graphics that follow, framed each of [...]

Dirty Girl

I love that my girl is a tomboy and a girlie girl at the same time. She will rock a dress and a bow, while she rebounds from falling down and skinning a knee to hang with the crowd. Everyone says she brings a certain energy to every school [...]


Some people get rid of stress by running or hitting a punching bag. Others dance or sing. Me? I web develop and graphic design. Recently, I have been exceedingly productive. Never mind that I have two kids under three, I am being more productive than most people with no children! I [...]

Cilantro Slaw

Last week, we made the burger. This week? The cilantro slaw topping. This stuff was super tasty. I love cilantro, and the next time I make it, I may increase the amount I include. If you don't love it, then it was a perfect amount! What You'll Need 1/2 [...]

Stop it with the renovating

Well I did it again. I learned how to do something new web building, and just had to include it in the design of WK. I had wanted rounded corners the entire time, but was unable to do it. I had wanted to use transparency, but didn't know how! [...]

Zesty Southwest Burgers

This recipe was found on the back of the Success Rice box. It was super tasty. I will say that I ended up eating it "naked" / sans bun because I couldn't get the burger to stick together when cooking. Maybe I should have added an egg? Who knows. [...]

Life is a Blur

I have been doing a lot of reflection this week. Time just goes by too fast. Everyone says it, and we all go through phases where we realize how true it is. I keep thinking of the line from that Alabama song, "I'm in a hurry to get things done. [...]

Lets Talk Turkey

Want to save time and money? Try turkey! It's not all that expensive in the off season. I bought three back when there was a grand opening of a food store in town just after Thanksgiving. That's why when I was given a plan for making a chicken last [...]

Custom Coasters

I made this coaster at a Stampin' Up! party six years ago. When I did it, I didn't really like the way my design was placed on the square, but I brought it home like a nice little doobie and put it on my end table in my bedroom. [...]

Learning Exposure

One of the things that I am learning to do in my photography is to shoot in manual mode. The toughest part of this for me is setting the appropriate exposure length and size. The book Understanding Exposure has helped me GREATLY to improve my skills. After reading it, [...]

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