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Getting Organized

This is where you will find tips, tricks, articles, and information on anything that I find O-C-D-Licious. I like my house to be functional, but also have style. You CAN do both. Check out these blog posts to find out more about how. If you’ve got a great idea, please email it to me so that we can hook up my readership. I’m all about communal learning and simplified living!

Grocery Delivery Lifesaving Genius

When we traveled back to WA, I knew I was coming home to a seriously empty fridge. There would be no milk or other staples that I would need. I knew because I had been in on the consumption of these goods prior to our departure. I also knew [...]

Does your stuff stress or secure

I was watching Girl walk around the house dragging four or five toys that she deemed super important to have with her and I got to thinking. I know for her these items (generally speaking a doll named "baby", a matchbox car, a small ball, and 2 rotating randoms) [...]

The Ice Cream Rule

I was looking around online this week and I found an article that put some perspective on preventing clutter in your house. It described the "ice cream rule" as the treatment of all of your belongings as ice cream. You wouldn't ever come home from the food store and [...]

Outsourcing: The Maid Moved Out… Or had a baby…

Ok. I am a Proud Mary. I am fiercely independent and stupidly proud. I do not like to admit that I cannot handle everything that life throws at me. By handle, I mean juggle into my schedule and vastly exceed expectations in all aspects of my life. Sometimes this [...]

Keeper Article: Gathering Spaces Solutions from Storage Magazine Spring 2006

I found these ideas on pages 29-41 of Storage Magazine's Early Spring 2006 Edition. I LOVE the picture in the upper left on page 39. Around-the-window bookcases with a storage window seat? YES PLEASE! The same type of idea is on page 40 but around a pair of French [...]

Keeper Article: 99 Low-Cost Organizing Ideas from Real Simple March 2008

In June 2008, my neighbor shared her Real Simple magazine with me. Inside, it shared 99 Low-Cost Organizing Ideas between pages 230 and 237. I found this article very interesting. Many of the ideas in it were worthy of integrating. Others did not work with my style. Maybe they [...]

Music to Space

I recently stole this idea from my friend (Mama Ski). She asked the question "what do I do with my CDs once I import them all onto iTunes/an iPod?" I also seem to recall another friend (Mama Leia) cleaning up her CD-to-computer act... In response to these inspirational Facebook [...]

How To Fold A Fitted Sheet

I actually found a video online that said "one of the biggest challenges you're gonna face in life is how to fold a fitted sheet". This chick must have a whacked out life if this is one of her biggest challenges. No kids, husbands, jobs, or anything else. She [...]

Protect Your Digital Self

Nowadays, many of us use technology to organize ourselves and to store important information. Like anything else, technology is fallible. Viruses, blue screens of death, and toddler accidents (amongst other things) can result in lost files. This may be something that doesn't matter, or it may make you want [...]

Loving the FlyLady

Sometimes we find something that just about exactly matches what has been going on in my head. Of course, sometimes our friends point this out to us even before we have an opportunity to organize what is going on! This time, it was NS who pointed out FlyLady! I have [...]

Old Mother Hubbord

Old Mother Hubbard, your cupboard is bare! When E is gone, I often play the "how long can I go before I have to food shop" game. Sometimes it makes me get creative, and put together some interesting meals, but I have been known to go up to a [...]

Organizing Facts

1. Since the 1970s, the average U.S. home has grown by 80%. Yet Americans face a “storage crisis,” according to UCLA researchers. Source 2. The self-storage industry is only 35 years old. It took 25 years for the first billion square feet of storage space to be built. The [...]

Rule of 5 by 5 by 5

Recently, I was blessed with the opportunity to attend a meeting where the Clutter Busters group came to speak. These people offered many helpful hints on how to declutter your house, and how to keep up with the pace of its maintenance. I have always been a bit overly into [...]

40 Bags in 40 Days

Ok. This project is supposed to take place over Lent (40 bags... 40 days...), but I was late to the party and missed the boat. I started my journey ON Easter and am working through the 40-post-Easter days. Here's the challenge: Take 40 plastic food store bags. Fill them with [...]

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