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Visit the Motherhood

The motherhood is the toughest ‘hood. We push out the babies. We bring them through infancy, toddlerhood, childhood, adolescence, and then through life the best we can. This ‘hood is not the place for sissies. It’s not an easy road to go, but for me its been one full of victories, defeats, a TON of laughter, and a bucket full of tears. Let’s keep it real. Mamas aren’t super heroes, but we are pretty darned close.

Super Mommy!!!

Hi. I'm just about every mom out there. I think it is my responsibility to do everything. Not only do it, but do it right, the first time we try, without asking questions. I think my kids should behave well in public on most occasions. I should be crafty. [...]

Home Schooling is Required for All Children

I found the following article here. I have had this in the draft file for a long time. I don't know that I will ever have what it takes to do a full fledged home school educational program for my kids, but I know with all my heart that [...]

I Can’t

My three year old won't stop saying "I can't" lately. It is super aggrivating. I'm talking ANNOYING. Every time she says it, she believes it, and most of the time it's not true. Most of the time she has everything tht she needs to succeed: knowledge, supplies, and support. [...]

Oh No You Didn’t!

This morning we had a little issue with one of our home appliances. I called the tech support line and we spent forty minutes troubleshooting each of the individual parts to figure out that there was a clog in a hose. Then, and this is the kicker, the woman [...]

Manic MOMday

Everyone says it. "Kids grow too fast." What people that don't have kids don't realize is why we say it. It's because when the kids are YOURS you don't get to have the same kind of quality time with them as other people's children because you're busy balancing your [...]

embracing my inner gleek

  Do you watch Glee? I do. I love the show. Maybe its because in high school I was a band geek, and like the kids on the show my friends and I banded together against the "cool kids". In hindsight, who cares? At the time? Me. When I [...]

Just A Mom

The good moms out there put out all they've got. Creativity, finances, productivity, and physical exertion support our mission. We need to balance life, work, child rearing, personal time (::snarf::), and God bless us a love life. Married, divorced, single, widowed, whatever - you are still a mother. You [...]

get off the computer

There are times in our lives where we just realize that our priorities are out of whack. I realized this recently as I was working on my computer and Girl started to cry. She said "Mama, why you no wanna play wit me?!". Yep. That was my heart you [...]

Before I Was A Mom

My best friend, who is about to become a mother for the first time, sent me the poem below this Mother's Day.  It was also read to me by one of the mentor mothers from MOPS that week. I decided to hold onto it, and then use it here [...]

Girl Kindergarten Copped Me in McDs

We all remember this scene from Kindergarten Cop. The boy stands up and tells Arnold about which private parts belong to which sex. Well, a few days ago Eman had a mental breakdown in the car. I couldn't stand his screaming, and I pulled over in McD's to check [...]

Cherokee Proverb

An elderly Cherokee Native American was teaching his grandchildren about life… He said to them, “A fight is going on inside me, it is a terrible fight and it is between two wolves. One wolf is evil—he is fear, anger, envy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, [...]

Happy Day For Mommy

I would like to wish all of my friends and family a very special Mother's Day this year. Each of you offer me guidance, support, and examples in your own ways that help me to become the mother that I am to my two beautiful children. Special recognition needs [...]

Big Girl Panties

"Its time to put on your big girl panties!" I told Girl. "Why? I don't want to," She said. "Sometimes you don't want to, but you have to. Because you're a big girl." I said. What does putting on your Big Girl Panties really mean? Just like Girl didn't [...]

Mama Feels Like Bearing It All to the World

I had a ten pound baby a little over six months ago. I gained 80 lbs. I have since dropped most of it, but don't exactly feel super sexified if you know what I mean.  When we decided to take a trip to a nearby Great Wolf Lodge (indoor [...]

Suggestions for Baby Registries

When my sister was preparing to have her first child, she asked me for a list of suggested items to include on her registry. I sat down and made my list. This is what I sent: Before you even look at the suggestions, know that every single child and [...]

And Now It’s Time for a Breakdown

Remember that song from EnVogue?! I do. It had that part in the middle where the deep guy's voice says "And Now It's Time for a Breakdown" (at 3:05 if you're looking for it in the video). I heard it in the car this week and started to laugh. [...]

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